Competitive Company Team

Nan’s Dance Competitive Dance Program

What is Nan’s Competitive Company Team?

Our Competitive Company Team is our competitive dance program here at Nan’s. This team is made up of dancers from 2nd-12th grade who are ready to take their passion for dance to the next level. Divided by age group and skill level, the Company environment fosters technique, drive, and leading-edge choreography. Dancers take classes multiple nights a week and are also given the opportunity to take master classes throughout the year. Our Company Group competes at local competitions in the spring.

What Awards Has Our Company Team Won?

High Golds at Starquest, Dance Machine, Boogie Fever, Encore DCS

Platinums at Starquest, Dance Machine, Boogie Fever, Encore DCS

1st Overall at Encore DCS, Dance Machine,

Overalls at Starquest, Dance Machine, Boogie Fever, Encore DCS

Bravo awards at Dance Machine Nationals, and Dance Machine (regionals)

Judges awards (costume & choreography) at Starquest, Encore DCS

Interested in competing?

Anyone is welcome to audition and there are plenty of reasons why the program is growing so quickly! Recurring themes we hear are confidence, growth and accomplishment. Attributes so many young girls are craving. The team sport aspect is wonderful, too, especially for those who aren’t inclined toward traditional sports, yet have the drive and determination to work at something they’re passionate about.

What people are saying about the Competitive Company Team at Nan’s:

“It was fun to finally be part of a team sport like a lot of my other friends. I like the challenge of complex dances and learning more advanced skills. I also liked pushing myself to keep up with the older girls. I think this really helped me grow as a dancer.” 

– Emma L. (dancer)

“The growth and maturity, both as a dancer and as a young girl, we saw in just one year was amazing. The confidence to “put yourself out there” was strengthened by having a team of older dancers behind her every step of the way.” 

– Michelle L. (dancer parent)

Want more information?

Company information session for the ’23-’24 dance year will be Wednesday, April 12th at 7:15pm.

Auditions will be Monday, May 1st and Wednesday, May 3rd. Attendance is required at both evenings of auditions. Call 919-803-6044 for more information.

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