PreTeen and Teens

Dance Classes for 5th to 12th Grade

Please see our tuition chart if your child will take multiple classes per week.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary & Hip Hop Dance Classes

For these age groups we offer a variety of styles. Ballet is taught using the Cecchetti method, and Tap focuses on combination steps and rhythms. In Jazz, we focus on the technique of leaps and turns, while also using upbeat music to educate students to all styles of Jazz. Contemporary is a popular choice of dance for this age group. It’s a form of dance that focuses on lyrical and modern movements, while also connecting with one’s emotion. Hip hop class is a fun way to get a workout. Stylistic and intricate moves with street style are taught to age-appropriate, popular music.

Contemporary and Ballet are one hour classes, Jazz and Hip Hop are 45 minute classes, and Pointe and Tap are 30 minute classes.

PreTeen Classes

Tuition: Varies by Class | Time: Varies by Class | Age: 5th – 8th grade

Teen Classes

Tuition: Varies by Class | Time: Varies by Class | Age: 8th – 12th grade

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