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What Should You Pack In Your Dance Bag?

“What should I pack in my dance bag?” is a question that every dancer has asked themselves before heading out the door. Whether it is packing a bag for dance class or a recital, our dance teachers at Nan’s School of Dance all agree that being prepared is the number one thing. To help answer this question, we came up with a list of the Top 10 must-pack items that every dancer should have in their dance bag!


Shoes are an essential item for dancers to bring to every rehearsal. If you are doing a variety of dance styles, make sure you have all the different pairs of shoes you may need, like pointe shoes, jazz shoes etc. Practicing the dance style in the correct pair of shoes is important!

Leotard and Tights

Even if you always come to class dressed, make sure you have an extra leotard and pair of tights in your bag. You never know what can happen in a dance class — you may have a rip or tear in your tights! Being extra prepared will always pay off!

Hair Essentials

Again, even if you are someone who comes to class with your hair already done up, always carry your hair kit with you. Often, hair will fall out of your bun, and there needs to be some touchup before class.

  • extra bobby pins
  • hair elastics
  • travel-sized bottle of hairspray and/or gel
  • brush or comb

These items are all you need to create an essential hair kit.

Water Bottle

Anyone who dances knows just what an intense workout it can be. You always want to come to class with a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout class. Keeping a reusable water bottle in your bag is a great habit to get into. That way, you will never forget it, and you can always refill the water bottle at any water station!

Warm Ups

A lot of dancers like to have a variety of extra clothing to layer on top of their leotard and tights to keep their muscles warm, especially at the beginning of class. Warm Ups include leg warmers, booties that go over your dance shoes on your feet, sweaters, and extra skirts or shorts.


We already said that dance can be a real workout, so it is no surprise that dancers sweat. You may want to have an extra towel in your bag to wipe off from time to time in class.

Healthy Snack

There may be days when you are busy or on the go before class. It is a good idea to keep a few healthy snacks in your bag for days when you need an extra energy boost. It is important that your body has the fuel and nutrients it needs to keep going.

First Aid Kit

Dancers can experience injuries in practice, and although your dance studio may have one of its own, having your own mini first-aid kit in your dance bag is a great idea to be prepared. You’ll want to have antiseptic wipes in your kit to clean off cuts and scrapes. Antibiotic ointment to treat these injuries, band-aids, and medical tape are important too!


No one wants to smell in the dance studio! Having an extra deodorant in your bag is always a good idea!

Small Notebook and Pen

This is one thing that many dancers overlook, but having a little notebook and pen or pencil is a great tip. You never know if you are going to want to write something down that you don’t want to forget. Maybe you want to take down a few notes at the end of class, so you can practice the new moves you just learned when you get home!

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