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Types of Dance Taught At Nan’s

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During the ongoing pandemic, many kids across the nation are learning remotely through increased screen time and lack the emotional and social interactions with others their own age. While most parents can agree, the pandemic has changed how we learn, socialize, and develop; they can also agree that we need to get our children safely interacting again!

Dance is a great way to allow children to learn, interact, develop and do so in a socially distant manner. Dance helps to improve academic performance, it is a great way to promote mental health, and social growth is created through friendships developed each time they walk into the dance studio.

Now that you know the benefits of dance, you may be wondering what types of dance is offered at most studios? And, how can you start to see these benefits for both you and your children? At Nan’s Dance, we offer several different types of dance.


Hip-hop dance is a great way for children to express themselves while burning off some energy. Not only will this upbeat and fast tempo style of dance teach students steps and following directions, but it will also give them freedom to feel and move to the beats freely. Hip-Hop allows the student to come up with their own moves that reflect how they’re feeling. Breakdancing, locking, popping, and tumbling are just a few components of Hip-hop dances.


This widely popular and constantly evolving dance style showcases turns and leaps to upbeat music. Kids can show their individuality by showcasing their personality **cue the jazz fingers**. Dancers in this class can be expected to build coordination, confidence, power, and technique.


Instead of focusing on large body movements and/or dancing with a partner, tap dance focuses on the creation of musically-focused rhythm combinations while wearing tap shoes and striking the floor to the music using the metal plates located on the heels and ball of one’s shoe. Tap improves balance and leg muscle which in turn increases metabolism.


This technical dance provides structure and discipline. Poise and posture are key factors to success with this dance style. It’s a great foundational dance to learn because it transfers into other dance styles and even outside of the studio. Ballet is considered a foundation for most forms of dance. Everything you learn in ballet will translate to skills that can be used in other forms of dance.


This form of dance focuses on modern movements combined with lyrics and connects with one’s emotion. Contemporary dance strongly emphasizes use of the torso, free leg movement, improvisation, and multiple and simultaneous actions.


Acro is flipping awesome…it’s a mixture of gymnastics and dance. With this type of movement, kids will learn skills like back handsprings, headstands, forward and back rolls, and more. These skills build agility and balance among others.


Primarily taught to 2–3 1/2-year-olds, this class focuses on coordination, balance, and rhythm skills by using ballet-based instruction with creative movement and mat-tumbling is encouraged!

Mommy & Me

Get “hip and hopped” into classes with your child! If your little one is not quite old enough or ready for any of the above, you might want to sign up for the Mommy & Me Class. Typically, this class is for 18 months to 2.5-year-olds. This 30 minute per session class is good for bonding and hands-on/tactile experience with your toddler.

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