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The Best Dance Apps for Kids

Keep Dancing All Day Long

If your child has been taking dance classes at Nan’s Dance of Raleigh, chances are they have caught the dancing bug. You may find your child dancing at home, in the car, at the grocery store…pretty much moving and shaking any chance they get. If your child has a fever- and the only cure is more dancing, you may need to download an app or two. We have compiled a list of five great dance apps for kids, guaranteed to put that extra dancing energy to use!

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is an excellent app for any kid that loves to dance! Kids can choose a dance routine from more than 500 songs, and there are dances for people of all skill levels. Users start by learning the routines before they practice and perform. This app also allows users to connect with other dancers and engage with them in a safe and controlled space. In addition, the app has a HealthKit feature to show users their total calories burned, so it is a great way to get exercise.

  • Ages: 4 and Up!
  • Device: IOS and Android
  • Cost: Free with In-App purchases

Toca Dance Free

If your child loves to create choreography, this is the perfect app. Toca Dance is a dancing app that allows kids to design everything about a dance performance, from the choreography and music to the location and costumes! You can dress the characters in silly costumes, hats, goggles, and even neon clothing that makes them glow on the stage!

  • Ages: 4 and Up!
  • Device: IOS
  • Cost: Free with In-App purchases

Hip Hop and Street Dance School

If your child likes games and dancing, this is a perfect pick because it combines the best of both worlds. Users start by learning dance and following the instructions of the dance mentor. To score a contract with the talent agent in the game, kids learn new dances and perform for the judges. They get to choose their costume, dance crew, and dance location before their big performance.

  • Ages: 12 and Up!
  • Device: IOS and Android
  • Cost: Free with In-App purchases


Dancy is a fun app that contains more than 120 dance steps that you can learn from your animated instructors. The dance moves range from simple to complex. By dividing the dance steps and moves by music genres such as jazz, belly dancing, break-dance, samba, salsa, and more, the app makes it easier to learn dancing.

  • Ages: 9 and Up!
  • Device: IOS and Android
  • Cost: Free with In-App purchases

Crazy Flamenco

Crazy Flamenco is a great app to have fun dancing with your friends. The app will teach you how to dance like a Spanish Flamenco dancer, complete with authentic costumes! You will enjoy authentic Spanish music as you learn your new moves!

  • Ages: 4 and Up!
  • Device: IOS and Android
  • Cost: Free with In-App purchases

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