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Picking the Right Dance Style For Your Child

Picking the Right Dance Style For Your Child

Understand Dance Goals

If you are signing your child up for dance classes, the first question you may have is, “how do I choose the perfect dance style for them?” At Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, we offer classes in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, acro, and contemporary. Choosing the right style of dance lessons for your child is important, so we made a checklist of a few things to consider when you make your decision.

Your Child’s Goal

You should consider your child’s goals, and what your goals for them are in the long run. Did they join dance for a purely recreational activity, or do you foresee them taking it up competitively in the future? Are they taking dance classes mainly for exercise and burning calories, or do you want them to work on their posture and muscle memory? Thinking about what your child is looking to achieve will help you choose which style is best for them.

Your Child’s Ability and Interests

The most important thing is that the style of dance you select should interest your child. They will be more enthusiastic and excited to participate if they have a personal interest in the type of dance they’re learning. Ask your child if they have a style that they like. If they are unsure, show them some video clips of styles you think they may be interested in and see how they react.

It may be hard to gauge your child’s ability to dance at such an early age. One thing that might help is to think about how your child freestyle dances at home. How exactly does he or she dance when they are alone and listening to music? The natural inclination is a great pointer as to what style of dance they are most interested in and comfortable with.

Benefits of Different Dance Styles

  • Ballet – a graceful and beautiful dance that takes lots of precision and strength. Ballet tends to be more structured than other types of dance and requires dedication. Ballet is a great cornerstone for other dance styles and can help introduce kids to the world of dance.
  • Tap – rhythmic, energetic, and loud. Anyone can tap and have fun learning the basics. Even if your kid isn’t very coordinated, tap can still be a good fit. Tap is a great option for kids who love to make noise and have fun.
  • Jazz – high energy with big movements. It’s perfect for kids who love to perform and who have big personalities. Jazz dancing is very diverse and can cover anything from a slower, modern number to a Broadway-style routine.
  • Hip-Hop – a fun, inventive style done to popular music. Improvisation is huge for hip-hop dancers. Early classes teach children the basic moves, which they’re able to use to improvise dances as they improve. Hip-hop can be enticing for kids because they get to dance to music they know and do moves they’ve likely seen on TV.
  • Acro – a fusion of acrobatics and classical dance moves, this style of dance is very popular in competitions. This form of dance requires that dancers learn both dance and acrobatic skills. Graceful transitions between dance movements as well as tricks (acts of balance) are key features of acro. The variety and high-degree of skill required for tricks are also good to engage children who want to be challenged in a fun learning environment.
  • Contemporary – requires fluid movements and strength. Dancers focus more on telling a story than being completely synchronized. It requires dancers to connect with the song and feel emotion. It is a good option for kids who love to perform.


Think about the cost that different dance styles may have. Some might require special footwear, costumes, and uniforms. Although many children’s dance classes only require comfortable clothing, some dance styles may have a few more requirements like leotards, shoes, etc. You’ll want to factor this into the overhead cost to make sure it fits into your budget before committing to anything. It’s best to check with the dance studio beforehand since some beginner classes don’t involve all the bells and whistles.

So Why Nan’s School of Dance?

We offer instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, and Pre-Dance, at all levels. These classes will provide your child with important skills as well as educate them on the 5 elements of dance. When your child attends Nan’s School of Dance they will become a student of dance and art.

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