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Performing Do’s and Don’ts

7 Ways to Slay Your Performance

Dance recitals and performances are a big deal for dancers! The day of the recital can be a little stressful and can make our dancers slightly nervous. That is why our experts at Nan’s Dance of Raleigh have put together a list of do’s and don’ts to help dancers have the best performance possible!


  • Do: Practice the way you would like to perform! Then, go full out – hit every move and step with the right intention.
  • Don’t: Get lazy during practice. Don’t simply go through the motions during your run-throughs, but rather give it your all.

Hair and Makeup

  • Do: Come with your hair and makeup done! If you need assistance, make sure that you plan for that in your schedule. A very important tip: make a checklist of all the items you need for your hair, makeup and costume; that way, you won’t forget anything important.
  • Don’t: Come to your performance unprepared! Do not come late, thinking that you will have time to do your hair and makeup. Anything can happen, and you don’t want to end up without enough time before the show to get ready.

Your Health

  • Do: Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. Drink a lot of water the days leading up to the performance. Also, eat foods that are high in protein. Finally, make sure you eat 2-3 hours before your performance, this will allow your body time to digest and you won’t feel too full!
  • Don’t: Stay up late the night before your performance! Do not drink sugary drinks or eat foods high in fat on the days leading up to the performance. You do not want your body to be working hard to digest those foods— you want to save all your energy for the show!

Calm Your Nerves

  • Do: Breathe! Even the most seasoned performers get nervous! So try to think of techniques that will calm your nerves, or listen to your favorite song to pump you up! Remember, you’ve practiced, prepared and got this!
  • Don’t: Panic or freak out!

Where to Look?

  • Do: Look up! Lift your chin, raise your chest and look out over the audience. If the routine requires you to look at the other dancers, then make sure you look at your partners.
  • Don’t: Look down at the ground!


  • Do: Stay on the right timing and dance! Listen to the music and relax; you’ve got this! You have practiced enough so that your body knows the routine — trust in yourself and your body!
  • Don’t: Rush! It is common to feel the adrenaline and get ahead of the music and your fellow dancers. Instead, stay calm and watch your timing.

Your Stage Presence

  • Do: Stay present! Own your performance from start to finish. Even if you are in the back row, someone is watching you, make sure that every movement is strong and hold every pose like a star!
  • Don’t: Hide or fade into the background!

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