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Why Is Core Strength Important for Dancers?

5 Exercises That Can Help Strengthen Your Core Dancing is an intense physical activity that involves the use of the entire body – arms, legs, feet, shoulders, hips. A dancer is using all of these parts of the body to execute various movements going from one to the next. At the center of all these

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The Importance of Sleep for Dancers

5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Dancers who want the best for their body know to focus on nutrition, hydration, stretching and exercise, but one component that is often overlooked is sleep! Sleep is so important for our body’s well being. If you are a dancer, and want your body to be at its best,

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How To Strength Train Your Legs For Dance

4 Exercises To Try Dancing is a physically demanding activity that requires the use of all major muscle groups. It is high energy and can be fast paced. That’s why dancers are in great shape. No matter the style of dance that you perform, your legs are one of the most important muscle groups that

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The Importance of Nutrition in Dance

Fueling A Dancer Dancers are very physical and it’s crucial that they have the proper nutrition to perform at their best. When thinking about food, try thinking of it as fuel for the body. What can you put in your body that is going to optimize your performance? What kind of fuel does a dancer’s

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dance Lessons

5 Tips To Help Any Dancer So you want to be a dancer? You’ve signed up for classes and that’s a great start. But how can you get the most out of your dance classes and excel along your dancing journey? At Nan’s School of Dance, we have witnessed our dancers have great success when

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How To Be A Rockin’ Dance Mom or Dad

5 Helpful Tips Parents want to be involved with their child’s extracurricular activities and help them succeed. It can be hard for many parents (especially those who did not do dance themselves) to navigate the dance world. Moms and dads may have questions about supporting their child and how to help them find success on

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Performing Do’s and Don’ts

7 Ways to Slay Your Performance Dance recitals and performances are a big deal for dancers! The day of the recital can be a little stressful and can make our dancers slightly nervous. That is why our experts at Nan’s Dance of Raleigh have put together a list of do’s and don’ts to help dancers

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Benefits of Working at a Family Focused Dance Studio

Have you ever thought about working in a dance studio? At Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, we pride ourselves on being a family-focused dance studio. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of working in a family-focused studio.

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5 Ways to Spot a Dancer

Characteristics Every Dancer Shares Has anyone ever randomly asked, “Are you a dancer?” Have you ever wondered what gave you away? You were simply standing in line at Starbucks, how could they tell? Over our years of dance experience at Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, one thing we have learned is that the general

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4 Benefits of Dance Recitals

What a Dancer Can Learn from Recitals At Nan’s Dance Studio of Raleigh, dance recitals are one of our favorite times of the year. Parents and their guests get to come and watch their children shine on stage. They beam with pride as they watch a magical performance that has been months in the making.

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