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The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

How To Warm Up and Cool Down Like A Pro Dancing is a very physical activity, and it can put our body through a lot. As dancers, we know that warming up and cooling down is essential. Here at Nan’s Dance of Raleigh, we have put together a guide with everything you need to know

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New Year’s Dance Resolutions

7 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep It’s a New Year, and you know what that means…time to make your New Year’s Resolution that you will inevitably break by February! What if you could make a resolution that you can actually keep and that will help with your dancing? At Nan’s Dance of Raleigh, we have

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Good Dance Etiquette

Simple Rules For Dance Class Etiquette At Nan’s School of Dance, we believe that we are a team. We believe that our students not only learn from their dance instructors but also from each other. That’s why good dance class etiquette is crucial to students’ success at dance. If students are interrupting class or not

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Dance Party: Holiday Edition

Tips For Throwing A Great Holiday Dance Party The holiday season is upon us, and ‘tis the season for holiday parties! For some of us, that might mean having to host a holiday party. If you have a love for all things dance like we do, then throwing a holiday dance party will be the

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5 Tips To Manage Stage Fright

Relieving Stress and Facing Fears In the World of Dance Stage fright is extremely common among dancers. It can be a huge obstacle for a child to overcome. This is especially upsetting if a child has worked hard on a routine and is too nervous to do the performance. To help, we have created 5

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How Dance Can Help Children Learn Math

Math in Movement If you are a dancer or if you have a dancer in your home…then you have heard of an eight count! What if we were to tell you that there are even more math concepts (other than counting) that can be learned through dance? Would you be surprised to hear that there

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How To Take Care of Your Body While Dancing

Tips To Keep Your Body Healthy Warm Up and Stretching Warming up and stretching is probably one of the most important things a dancer can do before practice. When you stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons, you can push them to their limits. If you do not take the time to properly warm up and

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How To Become A Better Dancer

5 Tips That Can Help When You Reach a Plateau At Nan’s Dance Studio, we have seen a lot of dancers that want to improve their skills but have hit a dancing plateau or wall. The idea that they are “stuck” and need to change their perspective to further their dance journey. Our dance instructors

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10 Ballet Themed Children’s Books

There are so many benefits to reading to your child. One way to help cultivate a lifelong love for reading is to read books about a topic that interests your child. Read this article for a list of ten Ballet themed children’s books.

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How To Prevent Injuries While Taking Dance Lessons

Learn How to tell what your body is saying Dance is a physically demanding activity. Like any other sport that is physically demanding, injuries can occur. There are two different categories of injuries: traumatic injuries and overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries are injuries that occur unexpectedly. Overuse injuries occur from overuse of a muscle or ligament

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