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5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Dance Camp

Summer camps offer a variety of activities for kids to enjoy during their break from school. One of the most popular options is dance camp. Dance camp offers children the opportunity to learn and explore different dance styles, improve their coordination and physical fitness, and develop their self-confidence and creativity. Here are five reasons why

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How Rest Plays a Part In Dance

Dance is an art form that requires immense physical and mental effort. The sheer amount of time and energy that dancers put into perfecting their craft can leave them feeling exhausted and drained. At Nan’s School of Dance we understand the importance of rest and why it is an essential component to any dancer’s routine.

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The Art of Ballet Arms: How Your Hands and Arms Finish the Line

Ballet is a beautiful form of dance that requires precision, grace, and attention to detail. At Nan’s School of Dance, we believe that one of the most important elements of ballet is the position of the arm and the hands, which not only adds elegance to the movements but also helps to enhance the overall

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Summer Dance Camps: When Should I Start Looking?

Summer is just around the corner, and for many young dancers, that means one thing: summer dance camps! Whether you’re a serious dancer looking to improve your skills or just someone who loves to move and groove, there are plenty of summer dance camps out there to choose from. But when should you start looking

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What Should You Pack In Your Dance Bag?

“What should I pack in my dance bag?” is a question that every dancer has asked themselves before heading out the door. Whether it is packing a bag for dance class or a recital, our dance teachers at Nan’s School of Dance all agree that being prepared is the number one thing. To help answer

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The Power of Journaling for Dancers

Over the past decade, journal writing has become increasingly popular. Research has confirmed that journal writing has many benefits for those who practice daily. It has also been shown to have an influence on happiness, goal attainment, and even physical health. Dance and Journaling At Nan’s School of Dance, we believe that keeping a journal

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Keep Dancing Better for Longer

How To Dance Well Into Your Future For those that love dance, they can’t imagine their life without it. Once a dancer, always a dancer, is the motto at Nan’s School of Dance. Many of us imagine being able to dance with our grandchildren and share our love for dance with them. In order for

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How To Inspire Your Dancer in 2023!

5 Tips to Try It’s the new year, so it’s time to get re-inspired! It doesn’t matter how much you love dance, at some point, every dancer experiences a lack of motivation. Maybe you’re just a little tired or getting bored of the routine. Whatever your slump looks like, it’s normal to go through a

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When Should My Child Start Pointe?

3 Signs They Might Be Ready Every ballet dancer dreams of the day they can move up to Pointe. This is a big step and one that should not be taken before the dancer is ready. But how do you know when your child is ready to start Pointe? This is a question that many

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