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Our Outdoor Dance Recital for 2021

Our 2021 Spring Outdoor Dance Recital

An Explanation Of Why We Had To Change Locations

Recitals Are The Highlight of The Year

The recitals at the end of our dance year are the highlight of the year and are intended to give each dancer the opportunity to perform their newly acquired skills. And this year is no exception.

In a normal year…

In a normal year, our studio hosts recitals at Meredith College. Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions in place, Meredith College decided not to hold any indoor events this spring, including our yearly recitals. And, while this may seem disappointing, we are excited for the opportunity to hold our recitals outside! We promise that our team is doing everything we can to make this event special for your dancer.

This year’s recital will be a really fun time!

This year we will hold our outdoor recitals in a very open and accessible space, just a quick hop down the road from our studio over at Lifepoint Church. They have a huge parking lot and it’s easy to get into and out of. We will have a large stage (32’ x 28’), a huge tent to cover the stage & audience (40’ x 140’), another large tent for “backstage” (40’ x 40’), 400+ chairs, scenery, a sound system, and an open field next to the tent if you would like to bring your own chairs.

Plenty of Space and Ample Parking

With plenty of space and ample parking, we are excited to run our recitals similar to how we run them at Meredith College. Dancers will be able to showcase their talents to an adoring audience, which in turn gives a boost of confidence and brings joy that lasts a lifetime. We can’t wait to see our dancers shine onstage!

We hope to see you there as well to cheer on your dancers!

With Love…


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