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Keep Dancing Better for Longer

How To Dance Well Into Your Future

For those that love dance, they can’t imagine their life without it. Once a dancer, always a dancer, is the motto at Nan’s School of Dance. Many of us imagine being able to dance with our grandchildren and share our love for dance with them. In order for that to happen, we must take good care of bodies, so that we can continue dancing well into our golden years.

From proper diet to plenty of rest, keeping your love of dance alive starts with an intrinsic dedication but only continues when you make healthy choices a priority. To help keep you dancing for a lifetime, we put together a list of important things that you should focus on in order to keep your body dancing for as long as possible.

Proper Diet

Food is fuel! Our body needs the right nutrients in order to function. If you are continuing to dance as you grow older, then you need to be eating the proper diet to give your body what it needs to keep dancing.

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Get Plenty of Rest

A good night’s rest is so important for everyone, including dancers. When we sleep our brain and body are still hard at work. Sleep enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Some benefits of a good night’s sleep are as follows:

  • Better productivity and concentration
  • Greater athletic performance
  • Better calorie regulation
  • Lower weight gain
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Preventing depression
  • Lower inflammation


You can’t dance well into your golden years if you get tired walking to the end of your driveway to get the mail. In order to stay in shape you must work on your endurance. The perfect way to do this is by walking and staying active. Going on daily walks is great for your endurance. Maybe consider getting a smartwatch to keep track of your steps and check in with your daily progress.

Muscle Development

As we grow older our muscles can get weaker. You know the saying, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Well that could not be more true for our muscles as we age. It is important to take care of your muscles, and a great way to do that is with exercise.

Try yoga or pilates which are both great for core strength as well as a wonderful low intensity workout. If you are comfortable with weights, you can try doing some exercises with hand weights at home, or even venture to the gym. If you do go to the gym, we recommend doing at least one personal lesson with a trainer to show you how to use the equipment properly.


Just like our muscles can get weaker if we don’t use them, our flexibility can also decline if we do not work on it regularly. Stretching is an excellent way to maintain your flexibility. Doing stretches daily will work wonders.

Keep on Dancin’

Our last tip is the most fun. Keep dancing…that’s it, it is that simple. If you want to keep dancing longer, then you need to do just that. Take more dance classes, go dancing with friends, and dance in your kitchen. We are sure that if you take care of your body and keep on dancing, you will be sure to dance right into your future!

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So why Nan’s school of dance?

At Nan’s School of Dance, our goal is to provide top-quality instruction at a competitive price. We encourage our students to reach technical proficiency in their favorite dance form and build self-discipline, poise, and self-esteem. We offer instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, and Pre-Dance, at all levels.

We love having new members in our dance classes and will help get your child acclimated to our dance school to make them feel right at home. When your child attends Nan’s School of Dance, they will become a part of our dance family and share in our love for dance!

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