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How To Return To Dance As An Adult

5 Tips To Get Back Into Dance

There is a saying “once a dancer, always a dancer,” and our staff at Nan’s School of Dance could not agree more. No matter how much time has passed since you last danced, you will always be a dancer at heart. That’s why many adults find themselves returning to dance later in life, because you can quit dance but dance can’t quit you!

Here at Nan’s School of Dance we believe that there is always a way to come back to the dance studio, no matter how much time has passed. This is why we put together a list of tips on how to return to dance studio as an adult.

Adjust Your Expectations

The first thing we suggest is getting into the right mindset before you choose and start your first dance class. There are a few things to know before jumping back onto the dance floor!

  1. Your body has changed and it will need time to adjust.
    • Even though you may remember the steps, your joints and muscles may need time to warm back up!
    • Starting with a beginner class regardless of your previous experiences is the best way to avoid unnecessary injury. You will always be able to move up a level or two if you find the class too easy.
  2. Relearning dance is a slow process.
    • Don’t get frustrated with yourself if you start out a little shaky. Your muscle memory will kick in, and you will be progressing in no time!

Be Open To New Things

Do not let your past dance experience dictate what you decide to do later in life. Just because you were a ballet dancer as a child does not mean you can’t try a hip hop or salsa class now. Each new style you choose will challenge your body and mind in a different way, which will allow you to grow as a dancer.

Another reason to try a different dance style might be because you’ve previously suffered an injury and/or your body can’t quite perform like it used to. It may be that a different type is more suitable and will cause less stress on your body. Your ultimate goal is to find a style that works for your body -TODAY- not your body from 20 years ago!

Get Back Into The Routine of Stretching

Flexibility is something we can lose quickly, even a six-month hiatus from dance will have a major impact on your flexibility. You will need a stretching routine that you follow daily. Ask your instructor for a list of stretches that they recommend and incorporate them into your daily routine. As your flexibility improves, you will reduce your chances of injury and find many of the moves easier to execute!

Listen To Your Body

Remember how we said your body is not the same as it was 20 years ago? Well, that’s why it is so important to listen to your body. It’s okay to stop or modify a movement if it feels painful. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself. So go slow and listen to your body.

If you are recovering from an injury, listen to your doctor or physical therapist as you re-enter the dance world. Jumping back into dance too early will only set you up for future injuries. If you have any concerns about your physical health, you may also want to let your new dance instructor know. They will be able to suggest modifications to moves that you may find painful.

Have Fun

So your body may not be what it used to be and the steps may not come as quickly, but that’s no reason to stress. Remember, you came back to dance because you love it and it brings you joy. Don’t forget dance is supposed to be fun, so relax and enjoy every moment -or should we say every movement?

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So why Nan’s school of dance?

At Nan’s School of Dance, our goal is to provide top-quality instruction at a competitive price. We encourage our students to reach technical proficiency in their favorite dance form and build self-discipline, poise, and self-esteem. We offer instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, and Pre-Dance, at all levels.

We love having new members in our dance classes and will help get your child acclimated to our dance school to make them feel right at home. When your child attends Nan’s School of Dance, they will become a part of our dance family and share in our love for dance!

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