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How To Prepare Your Child For Dance Lessons

How To Prepare Your Child For Dance Lessons

Getting Ready For The First Lesson

It can be such an exciting time when your child is signed up for their first dance lesson. You and your child are probably equally excited and maybe even a little nervous. In order for your child to have a smooth transition into dance, there are a few things you can do to help them be prepared.

Understanding That It’s A Commitment

Dance is fun, but it is also a commitment. It’s important that you explain this to your child. First, make sure your child actually wants to be there before you commit. You do not want to force them into it. If your child decides that she doesn’t like it after a few months, try to explain to them what committing for the whole year means. It is important to encourage them not to quit until after the year is over.

This is especially true if the class has already started learning the choreography for the recital. Once the class has learned the routine, it can be difficult to rearrange and reconfigure the dance routine if a student drops out. Seeing it through to the end will help your child learn how to be a team player and disciplined when it comes to commitments.

Learning the Basics

Your child might be dreaming about a recital and fancy costumes – and that will come eventually. It is important to explain that they will start with the basics. They will learn proper techniques and movements. Over time they will start to put movements together, and then learn routines. It is important to communicate this to your child, you don’t want them to leave their first class disappointed because they didn’t dance and twirl.

Setting a Good Routine

As parents, we already know that routines work for kids. It’s also important to set a good routine for attending a dance class. Here are a few tips:

  • Get your child dressed in their dance clothes before class
  • Arrive early
  • Bring your child fed, happy, and rested
  • Ensure they are familiar with drop off and pick up

Setting Expectations

It is important to talk to your child about what dance class will look like before they arrive. If they have already had a talk about what dance class will be like, this might help with first day jitters or nerves. Here are some things to cover:

  • The teacher’s name
  • The name of the class
  • What they will be learning in the class
  • How long the class will be
  • If you will be there to watch, or dropping off

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