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How To Inspire Your Dancer in 2023!

5 Tips to Try

It’s the new year, so it’s time to get re-inspired! It doesn’t matter how much you love dance, at some point, every dancer experiences a lack of motivation. Maybe you’re just a little tired or getting bored of the routine. Whatever your slump looks like, it’s normal to go through a period where you lack the inspiration to keep working on your dancing goals.

Our dance experts at Nan’s School of Dance understand that slumps are common and realize it’s ok to get in one. However, we also know that sometimes all you need is a little motivation to get going again. To help boost your desire to get up and dance, we put together some tips on how to get inspired this New Year!

Attend a Performance

After working so hard in the dance studio, it is easy to forget why you fell in love with dance in the first place. Sometimes you need a little reminder of why you truly enjoy the art of dance. Going to a dance performance is a great way to rediscover your love for this art. Go see a new dance company or maybe an old favorite, watch them perform and let that beauty wash over you and get you inspired to want to perform again!

Read About Dance

Another great way to become re-inspired is reading about dance or a famous dancer. Reading is a great way to relax, and reading about something you love can help boost your motivation. Reading a dancer’s autobiography might help you see that others experience similar highs and lows, and reading about someone’s dance journey can inspire you to do the same. If a book isn’t your thing, maybe try an audiobook or podcast!

Explore the Arts

When you’re feeling a little trapped in your dance life, try exploring a different creative or performing art. Try painting or drawing. Take a voice lesson or join an acting class. All the arts have some common ground and can overlap, you may find that practicing a different form of art can reinvigorate your creativity and reinspire you to dance.

Take a New Class

Dancers are very good about sticking to their routines and being disciplined when it comes to their dancing. However, sometimes shaking things up a bit can help you find some inspiration. Maybe the new year is the perfect time to take a different class to change things up a bit. Adding a new class to your routine can help you branch out and grow. Your body and your mind will appreciate the variety!

Buy a New Dance Outfit

It is no surprise that what you wear can have a huge impact on how you feel. So why not switch out some of your dance clothes for something new that makes you feel good? When you feel comfortable and confident in how you look, it can re-inspire you to want to perform and do your best.

New Year, New tips, New you!

So now that you know five different ways to get yourself ready to dance in the New Year, why don’t you pick a few and try them out? We are sure that you will re-discover your love for dance, and you will be thrilled for what 2023 has in store for you!

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