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How To Improve Your Posture In Dance

5 Things To Try At Each Dance Lesson

Did you know that approximately 40 % of children have poor posture? This could be because of carrying heavy backpacks or spending too much time hunched over looking at a phone or tablet. Whatever the reason, children’s posture is suffering and for children that dance, this could be problematic. At Nan’s School of Dance, we work with our students on maintaining good posture because we know nothing ruins a ballerina’s beautiful lines like slouched shoulders.

Use a Visual

Most dancers are visual learners. Dancers can mimic a move or certain body position best when they have a visual to copy. So when it comes to teaching posture, it is important to look at examples of both good and poor posture in dancers. A good way to do this would be to look at recordings of dancers performing, pausing to look for examples of good posture and also examples of what to avoid.

Try Stretching

A great way to safely realign trouble areas is by stretching. The internet is a great place to find examples of stretches that will help with realigning your posture. Here are two examples of stretches you can try.

  • Chest and Shoulder Stretch: This is a great stretch for dancers that have a problem with slumping forward. To do this stretch, lie on your back with your arms stretched outward and elbows bent into a bench-press position. Squeeze your shoulder blades together without arching your back. Hold the position for 10 seconds, and repeat four times.
  • Butt Bridge: This is a good stretch for realigning the hips. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Squeeze your butt and push your hips toward the ceiling. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and repeat four times.

Exercise Your Core

A strong core can help with posture. So if you want to improve your posture, exercising your core is a great way to help. You may want to watch a pilates video online; there are a lot of great core exercises that you can try. Even just starting with some simple crunches could help.

Use a Prop

Some dancers find using a prop, like a bean bag or small ball, can help practice correct posture. Props work well because they are a physical reminder to keep your arms straight or shoulders back.

Practice in Everyday Life

Do not make the mistake of only trying to correct your posture during dancing. If you make a conscious effort to maintain good posture throughout your regular day-to-day life-this could lead to improving your posture while you dance. Try to practice good posture when sitting in class or in front of the TV. Try checking in with yourself and readjusting yourself if you find that you’re slouching or hunching over. The more you become aware of your posture, the easier it will be to correct and maintain good posture.

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