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How To Improve Your Dance Memory

5 Tips To Try After Your Next Dance Class

Has this ever happened to you? You get all the movements right in class and can remember each one flawlessly, but when you get home, everything becomes a jumbled mess. How could it be so clear in class and then completely evaporate from your mind at home? While this is common in the dance community, our instructors at Nan’s School of Dance have found the key to improving dance memory.

It all boils down to one central idea—  if you want to remember and use what you have learned from your dance class at home, you need to build your retention and aid recall. To break this down into manageable steps, we put together a list of 5 ways to improve your dance memory!

Make a Connection

For something to “stick” in your mind, you must have a connection to it. So our first tip is to give your moves a specific name or connect them with a visual image. These can be common, everyday names or even something silly. If they make you laugh, you’re more likely to remember them! For example, a move that requires you to bring both arms behind your back could be called, “tying an apron” or “the reach back crackerjack.” Both are great names, but you will probably never forget the reach-back crackerjack ever again!

Use Count and Rhythm

Counting can always help. As you do a move, say the move’s count out loud or in your head. You can also intentionally accent counts when something important happens, such as raising the arm, switching hands or changing direction. If counting isn’t your thing, create a rhythm or melody to “sing” to yourself.

Mark the Movement

“Marking” is when you simulate movements with partial gestures. It’s a quick, easy way to mentally review, allowing you to get in some practice and repetition without having to do movements full out. In fact, you can do this while sitting or lying by just making little movements with your hands or feet, filling in the rest with your imagination.

Look for Patterns

Dances often have segments that appear in many moves or have patterns that repeat. Once you recognize these patterns, you can use them as helpful shortcuts and memory aids. Seeing these patterns also means if something doesn’t fit the usual template, it will stand out, thus making it easier to remember.

Get a New Perspective

We are all creatures of habit. It is common for us to enter a class and always go to the same spot in the room. So why not mix it up a bit? Our last tip is to change things up by going to a different part of the room each class. This gives you extra visual and sensory cues for remembering what you’ve learned. This will also help you to distinguish one move or lesson from another.

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