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How to Dance at Home

How to Dance at Home

5 Tips to Help You Practice

Practicing dance at home is a great way to improve your dance skills and keep you fresh between classes. It is especially beneficial if you are on a summer break or have a few weeks before your next dance session begins. Practicing at home is great, but often kids may struggle on the best way to practice at home. We have compiled a list of 5 tips that will help you have successful practices at home!

Schedule a Time

Scheduling practice time is crucial for practicing at home. At home, we have all kinds of distractions, televisions, phones, siblings, chores etc. Setting a set time each day for practice will help you stay on track. It is a way to make sure that those distractions do not interfere with your practice. It will also help to schedule your practice time at peak energy times! You want to find a time of day that you feel energized and focused.

Make Goals

It is important to create goals for your practice. A teacher plans a lesson before walking into a classroom to teach, you should have a plan of what you want to work on before you practice. Maybe there is a specific move in a routine you are struggling with. Your goal may be to practice the section of the routine that has been tripping you up. After a few practices you might have nailed that part of the routine, then it is time to create a new goal for your next practice. Creating goals for your dancing and taking the time to practice these goals at home will help you improve.


Dance class is best suited for learning new moves and for receiving professional guidance from your dance teacher. Practicing at home is best for working on those corrections and mastering the moves before the next class. The more repetition of the movements, the faster you can advance to a new and exciting routine during studio time.

Analyze Yourself on Video

One drawback to practicing at home is that you do not have access to full-length mirrors like in a studio. In order to see what you are doing and to correct your mistakes, record yourself! Recording your dance practice with your phone or tablet can be very beneficial. Take the time to analyze yourself on the video to better identify strengths and weaknesses. This can help you improve and make corrections on your own.

Try New Forms of Dance

Why not have a little fun at home with your practices and try other forms of dance. You might be surprised to know that you can improve your dance skills at home by practicing other dance forms. For example, if you take ballet, why not practice contemporary dance moves or jazz at home? This can help you tone different muscles and gain better form – promoting more overall strength and flexibility in your dancing.

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