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How To Become A Better Dancer

5 Tips That Can Help When You Reach a Plateau

At Nan’s Dance Studio, we have seen a lot of dancers that want to improve their skills but have hit a dancing plateau or wall. The idea that they are “stuck” and need to change their perspective to further their dance journey. Our dance instructors at Nan’s Dance Studio have noticed that the dancers who are able to progress quickly and overcome this obstacle all tend to have some commonalities. Take a look at our Top 5 Tips on how to break down that wall and achieve your goals.

Tip #1: Lessons Are Key

Taking dance classes consistently is very important to becoming a better dancer. Some people may think that they don’t need a lot of lessons to become a great dancer, and that is just not the case. If you want to improve your dancing skills, it is crucial that you take dance classes regularly. Attendance is also very important. Don’t skip classes – unless of course you are sick!

Tip #2: Practice Daily At Home

You’ve heard people use the quote, “Practice makes perfect”, well actually that isn’t the real quote. The real quote by Periander is “Practice is everything” and we couldn’t agree more! Practice really is everything when it comes to improving your dance skills. It is important to take what you learned in class and practice on your own. Practice your technique and choreography sequences at home so you can move on to new content faster. Repetition is key to mastering a new step or sequence.

Tip #3: Set Goals

One of the best ways to get better at something is to set goals for yourself. If you have a time frame in mind for finishing a dance or reaching a new skill level, you’ll reach it more quickly. A goal could be working toward performing in an upcoming recital or it could be improving so you can advance to the next level in class. The most important thing is to have one goal and to have a future date that you’re working toward. This will keep you motivated to practice daily!

Tip #4: Improve Muscle Memory

The best dancers are not all in their head while they are dancing – they aren’t thinking about each upcoming step. They are feeling it in their body. They are letting their body lead them through the routine. How do they do this? It’s called muscle memory. According to neuroscientists, through repetition the movements have been thoroughly mapped in the brain. This allows the dancer to feel as if they are moving without having to think about it.

Tip #5: Continue to Be Inspired

We all have blah days. Some days you may not want to practice or maybe you’re down and can’t remember why you’re working so hard. It’s important in those moments to remind yourself what you love about dance and become inspired again. How can you do that? Maybe you watch a TikTok video, or watch a great dance video on YouTube that rekindles your spirit. The key is to find something that will trigger your desire to dance and energize yourself.

Why Nan’s School of Dance?

We offer instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, and Pre-Dance, at all levels. We love having new members in our dance classes but also love pushing veteran dancers to reach their potential. At Nan’s School of Dance, we will help you or your child get acclimated to our dance school and make everyone feel right at home. When you attend Nan’s School of Dance, you will become a part of our dance family and share in our love for dance!

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