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How Dance Benefits Our Community

Coming Together Through the Art of Dance

At Nan’s Dance School of Raleigh, we wanted to understand how dance can impact our community. Like many art forms, dance can inspire us, teach us, and ultimately unite us. After recognizing the power dance has to bring people together, we also thought dance would be an awesome way to give back!

Dance can unite us

  • Universal Language- Dance does not require verbal communication, our bodies do the talking. So it is possible that if a group of people doesn’t share the same language, they are still able to understand each other through dance. Dance is universal and it can unite people who normally would not be able to verbally communicate.
  • Working Together- Dancers work together in partner and group dances. In these dances, dancers have to use non-verbal signals in order to tell their partner or the group what to do. Getting people to move in unison without talking may be difficult at first but once they are able to do so, it can be an excellent way to work together without using any words.
  • Performance- Dance performances can bring a community together. Sitting in the audience side by side and taking in performances can inspire and entertain. Getting to watch a performance together is an amazing experience!

Dance can teach us

  • Learn about yourself- Students of dance learn various techniques, styles, and routines. Dance also requires dancers to move their bodies in ways they have never done before. This can lead to new discoveries about how your body can function and improve.
  • Learn about the art of dance- Through attending dance performances an audience member can learn a lot about dance. For example, a person who loves to go to the ballet will inevitably start to learn a great deal about ballet. They will understand the techniques, the skills, the movements, and the storytelling.
  • Learn about different cultures- Different cultures around the world have different styles of dance. Those dances can teach us about the culture. For example, The Paso Doble is a Spanish dance that represents bullfighting. It was also used in the Spanish infantry to set the pace of marching. Learning about the different culture’s history of dances can lead you to learn about their values and traditions as well.

Dance can inspire us

Like other forms of art, dance can convey a message. Many of the messages that are expressed can be inspiring. Inspirational messages can uplift a community. For example, a choreographer can create a dance about a sister battling cancer which can resonate with many people who are also dealing with illness. Even people that may not be dealing with that struggle can find inspiration and strength through watching this inspiring dance.

So why Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh?

At Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, we understand how dance can impact our community, which is why we have a Community Performance Group. Our Community Performance Group gives back to the community through the art of dance! This special group of dancers perform at local nursing homes and events throughout the community.

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