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Good Dance Etiquette

Simple Rules For Dance Class Etiquette

At Nan’s School of Dance, we believe that we are a team. We believe that our students not only learn from their dance instructors but also from each other. That’s why good dance class etiquette is crucial to students’ success at dance. If students are interrupting class or not paying attention, it affects their dance lesson and the entire class. Here are some simple rules for good dance class etiquette.

Arrive Early

Give yourself enough time by arriving early to class. This extra time will allow you to:

  • get a drink of water and use the restroom
  • stretch and get your body ready for class
  • mentally prepared for the day’s lesson and routine
  • have some time to decompress with friends before the class

Arriving early will also save you from rushing into class and being disruptive.

Remain Attentive

It is important to pay attention to the lesson and remain attentive if the teacher is correcting another student. Heed those corrections and make sure you’re not guilty of the same mistakes. Talking during this one-on-one time, even whispering quietly with your neighbor, isn’t good dance etiquette.

Listen To The Teacher’s Instructions

Listening to the instructions is critical! If you are listening carefully, this will help make the class run smoothly and the instructor will be able to get through the day’s lesson.

Know When It’s A Good Time To Ask Questions

It’s appropriate to ask for clarification if you don’t understand a dance technique, but by watching closely and trying the move yourself, you may figure it out without the need to ask questions. If you are still having difficulty with the movement and are trying to correct it yourself, then you can ask the instructor for assistance.

Our instructors at Nan’s Dance are always there to help and our job is to make sure that students feel comfortable asking questions, but “dance etiquette” is understanding the right time to ask a question. Being respectful of the instructor and others in the class is key to a successful dance lesson.

Do Not Disrupt The Class if Arriving Late or Leaving Early

We get it, sometimes we run late or have to leave early for things that are out of our control, but that is not a reason to disrupt the entire class. If you plan on leaving early, speak with the teacher before class, and when it is time to leave early, slip out quietly. If you are coming into the class late, come in quickly and quietly and try to catch up and follow along.

Show A Positive Attitude

Everyone gets tired or has a bad day, but it is important to try and keep a positive attitude during your dance class. It would not be fair to the other students if your bad mood affected the class. Also putting on a positive attitude during class may just help cheer you up or wake you up!

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