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Five Ways Your Child Will Grow Through Dance

Empowering Your Child Through Dance Class

At Nan’s Dance in Raleigh, we understand that parents are always looking for interesting and satisfying activities for their children. From organized sports to participating in the arts, getting your child involved is a great way for them to learn and grow. As you may already know, dance is a wonderful way for children to develop and learn through physical activity. This growth will happen in a multitude of areas such as confidence, socialization, creativity, physical growth, and cognitive development.


Like any sport, learning dance takes time and practice. As your child participates in dance each week, they are learning and making connections. They are remembering what was taught the week prior and putting all the steps together. Learning something new can be challenging, but as your child practices, they get better and better.

Working towards a common goal is also a great way for your child’s confidence to grow. Children are able to see their own progress and recognize all the hard work that they have put into learning. Through hard work, accomplishing goals, and learning with others, your child’s confidence will grow and principles learned in dance will spill over into other areas,

Social Growth

There is no question that dance is a wonderful social activity. Not only will your child make friends in dance class, but they will also learn how to work as a team. In each class, they will learn skills like cooperation and trust which can then be applied in school, work, and other sports. As time progresses and bonds are created, friendships that are made in the dance class might also become lifelong relationships.


Dance is an amazing way for children to express their creativity. Dance encourages children to be more creative and use their imagination. Creativity facilitates mental growth in children by providing opportunities for the child to try out new ideas and problem solve. Problem-solving is an important skill that children can apply in other areas like school and work.

Physical Growth

Dance is a great way for children to get exercise, and as parents, we know how important physical activity can be for children at any age. Starting dance at a young age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow into adulthood. Dance will also improve your child’s physical health. Dance can…

  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve balance
  • Improve core strength
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase physical strength

Take a look at the following blog for more information about the physical benefits of dance.

Cognitive Development

When your child attends dance class, they will learn skills like time management and self-discipline. As your child gets older they will need to know how to balance school, dance, and extracurricular activities. The commitment, discipline, and focus that children learn (and practice) in dance classes are important life skills. These are skills that they will also use in school, work, and other aspects of their lives. Learning different dances requires listening, following directions, learning steps, and routines. This will greatly improve your child’s memory and brain function.

So why Nan’s Dance School of Dance in Raleigh?

When you bring your child to Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, not only will they have fun learning dance and making new friends but they will be excited to learn and grow. As a parent, you will understand that your child is not just dancing, they are learning and developing right before your eyes!

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