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5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Ballet Lessons

Reasons Your Child Should Take Ballet Lessons

Grace, Discipline, and Getting Along with Others

Ballet is an art form and type of dance that has many physical and social benefits. From learning to position the body to holding poses with perfect posture, ballerinas are graceful and resilient individuals. Most people don’t realize that ballet is just as hard to accomplish as any top-level sport and teaches children (and adults) to communicate, find balance and embrace new experiences. In fact, many benefits await a ballet student, and this article covers the 5 main reasons your child should take this style of dance.

Adding Grace to Their Steps

Not a lot of people mention grace as a quality, yet all of us know it when we see it. This fine attribute makes a person stand out from the rest. Various ballet positions are designed to showcase the human body in its finest form. In ballet, the student learns good posture and how to keep their shoulders back and chin lifted; not to mention toes pointed!

Grace is not just about body movement. In fact, grace transcends into behavior and impacts the way we interact with the world. It teaches a child to reach beyond their limits to be the best version of themself, not to mention extending those elegant dancing lines. Integrity, flexibility, and staying in the present moment can help a child learn different ways to approach life. Hard work, dedication, and teamwork are also learned through the graceful art of dance. Grace is not just about how we carry ourselves, but it shows dignity and respect for others.

Make New Friends

You can’t have too much of a good thing. The more friends, the merrier! Many lifelong friendships have been made on the dance floor. Most ballet classes are held in small groups where the children work together to put on ballet performances. Rehearsals allow the children to get used to working with other children and making friends at the same time. When children share common dance interests, this allows for the perfect opportunity for making new friends.

Great Exercise

The pure barre craze has taken root in the south with ballet-exercise gyms and classes popping up all over. These classes are geared toward adults looking for an interesting and creative way to tone their bodies. But…ballet isn’t just a great opportunity for exercise. During ballet class, children can benefit a great deal from the physical movement and strength training while also expressing themselves creatively. Students can develop strong muscles and lean muscle mass with the isometric techniques of ballet while also sparking an interest to perform.


Ballet studios are highly organized, disciplined places! You’ll notice that most ballet students are focused and calm during instruction. Each lesson focuses on

Learning to control yourself

Learning to control your body

Developing routines

Learning steps and choreography

Through discipline, students learn to tell a story through ballet which is a fantastic way to develop self-expression.

Finding Your Balance

Balance becomes more difficult when you age, especially if you haven’t worked on it in your early years. Balance is something that a lot of people don’t think about until they get older and lose it. Learning to maintain your balance and working on stability will help you in and out of the dance studio. A solid base in dance will translate into a solid foundation in life.

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