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Dance Party: Holiday Edition

Tips For Throwing A Great Holiday Dance Party

The holiday season is upon us, and ‘tis the season for holiday parties! For some of us, that might mean having to host a holiday party. If you have a love for all things dance like we do, then throwing a holiday dance party will be the perfect way to celebrate. Here are some tips for throwing a holiday dance party – guaranteed to be a holly, jolly, good time!

Invite a Variety of Guests

Variety is the spice of life – and makes for a good dance party. Don’t limit your guest list to dancers only, invite guests from work and/or family members. People may surprise you! Bob from accounting may have some stellar dance moves and Aunt Maggie can rock the electric slide!

Have Festive Decorations

It’s a holiday party, so the more festive the better! Nothing puts people in the holiday spirit like holiday decor. So, hang the mistletoe, stockings, wreath, go ahead and put up your tree…the more festive, the better!

Create A Dance Floor

There cannot be a dance party without adequate space to dance. This means you may have to move some furniture. Make sure there is a big enough space for you and your guests to dance the night away!

Serve Food and Drinks

You don’t need to cook a full course meal or even a buffet. You can make it easy by throwing a potluck and having your guests bring a dish. Or, you can just provide heavy hors d’oeuvres and some yummy desserts. If you want your guests to have the energy to dance, then provide them with the right amount of fuel to do so!

Play a Variety of Music

Think about that guest list and try to come up with a playlist that everyone will love. Play current hits but also some classics. If you want this to be a dance party, maybe put some line dances on there too, something that even the “non-dancers” can get down to.

Use Plastic or Paper Cups

No one wants broken glass on the dance floor! Make sure to use plastic or paper cups and plates to limit the mess if there are any spills.

Remember To Have Fun!

Hosting can be a daunting task! Don’t worry about whether the guests are having fun or forcing everyone to dance, it will happen naturally. When a good song is playing, hit the dance floor and others will join. Remember to have fun, that’s what holiday parties are all about!

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