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Dance Lessons Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Dance Lessons Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Children Build Stronger Relationships Dancing Together

Dance classes are a great place for kids to make new friends and strengthen bonds with others. It’s a place where they can safely practice their social skills while having fun.

“Our classes are also a great way to help shy kids break out of their shell,” explained Dance Director Hillary White. “We create a positive, open environment in class so children start to open up with each other in there.”

With each class, children learn to improve their communication and listening skills by interacting with other dancers in their group. They also learn how to cooperate and work together as a team. Whether they are dancing with just one partner or with the whole group for a recital, your child will learn teamwork in the dance studio while developing a greater sense of trust and cooperation as well.

Dance can strengthen your child’s ability to communicate non-verbally. Not only will their body language improve, they’ll learn to read others better as well. In addition to helping children communicate better, dancing together in a group is also good for their emotional health. It helps release stress and built-up frustration so your child will be able to regulate their behavior more easily.

Children Make Long Lasting Friendships in Dance Class

“Many friendships develop in our classroom,” she added. “In one of our summer camps, a shy girl came up to me and said ‘she’s my friend now’ while pointing to another little girl. Turns out they decided to become friends because their names were similar! It’s great when kids can build new relationships here.”

“Dance is always more fun with friends,” said Hillary. “We have kids that started taking class here at three years old and now they’re ten and have become best friends inside and outside of the class. Their parents have also all become good friends through their children’s relationships.”

Mommy & Me classes at Nan’s Dance are for 18 months to 2.5 year-old children and offer a great place for the moms to connect and have social interaction with other moms.

“I have kids of my own so I can relate to a lot of my moms and can talk to them about things we have in common through the class,” she said. “I’ve had people tell me ‘If it wasn’t for dance we wouldn’t have these best friends.’ Overall, dance is just a great way to connect.”

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