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Dance Classes Improve a Child’s Health & Makes Exercise Fun!

Dance Lessons Improve Your Child’s Physical Health

Dancing Makes Exercise Fun & Improves Posture

As technology becomes more prevalent in today’s world, it’s increasingly important for children to have a physically active lifestyle. Dancing is not only a great workout, it’s also a fun source of healthy exercise! Learning a love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow.

“When your child comes into our studio for dance class, dance gets them moving, releases endorphins, and creates strength. These are things that screen time cannot provide,” said Dance Director Hillary White. “As parents, we always want to find great ways to keep our kids active and dance is the perfect, whole-body exercise.”

Dance utilizes the entire body and all of its muscle groups.

“Dancing creates long lean muscles and is a good whole-body exercise,” added Hillary. “Our classes can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, stamina, and physical strength.”

Dance skills translate over to other sports

In addition to promoting overall health, dance techniques can help children with sports and other activities at school and beyond. Regular dance practice can also correct poor posture, increase balance and improve overall coordination.

“It’s all about body placement,” explained Hillary White. “Dance gives you a greater awareness of your body, balance, and rhythm to help you stay active and moving.”

When a dancer is aware of body placement, they will know when they are correctly aligned.

“Dancers must squeeze and utilize their muscles to understand where their body needs to be for correct alignment,” she added. “Pulling your shoulders back and lifting through your chest helps with long-term posture and how you carry yourself.”

When watching sports, Hillary can usually pick out the players who have had dance instruction.

“I can always tell when an athlete has taken dance,” she said. “My niece is a volleyball player but also dances in addition to sports, and the way she moves around the courts is different— she’s much more agile than her teammates and her range of motion and ability to reach is greater.”

Dance is a great way to keep fit while learning new skills and more importantly, having fun!

“I never call dance exercise, but you will get great exercise from it,” she said. “You are having fun and kids don’t think about it as exercise, but just as a good time.”

In addition to getting a healthy workout, children will learn and practice other important life skills at Nan’s Dance that will transfer over to school and all other aspects of their lives. We’ve been sharing the love of dance with our students since 1975. Nan’s School of Dance is a place for your dancer to grow, get healthier and establish self-confidence while also having fun!

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