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5 Ways to Enjoy Dance Outside of the Studio

Many dancers want to find ways to enjoy dance outside of the studio. There are lots of fun ways that dancers can enjoy dancing without the studio. Read this article to learn 5 ways you can enjoy dance.

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Dance advice: Why am I cramping?

Dance is a physical activity that requires strength, endurance, and flexibility. Many dancers can experience cramps during dance. This can be painful and frustrating. Read this article to learn more about cramping and how to prevent cramps and treat them.

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Dance-Friendly Movies For the Whole Family

Dance Movies to Curl Up to this Holiday Season During the holiday season, Movie Nights are a staple. With colder temperatures and limited daylight, they are a way to keep your feet tapping while exposing your family to different genres of dance and music. At Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, we can’t help but

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The Brief History of Hip Hop

Hip Hop – A Dance Style Full of Culture and Great Beats A dance style thought to have originated in the Bronx during the late 1960s — Hip Hop has a relatively short dance history when compared to other types. While the movements and roots date back further, this natural dance style started in the

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Benefits of Working at a Family Focused Dance Studio

Have you ever thought about working in a dance studio? At Nan’s School of Dance in Raleigh, we pride ourselves on being a family-focused dance studio. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of working in a family-focused studio.

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10 Ballet Themed Children’s Books

There are so many benefits to reading to your child. One way to help cultivate a lifelong love for reading is to read books about a topic that interests your child. Read this article for a list of ten Ballet themed children’s books.

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How To Prevent Injuries While Taking Dance Lessons

Learn How to tell what your body is saying Dance is a physically demanding activity. Like any other sport that is physically demanding, injuries can occur. There are two different categories of injuries: traumatic injuries and overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries are injuries that occur unexpectedly. Overuse injuries occur from overuse of a muscle or ligament

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