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6 Tips To Learn Choreography Faster

Take Your Dancing to the Next Level

For some dancers, dance is more than just a hobby. They are passionate about the performing arts and have dreams about performing on a large stage or studying dance in college. Whether your child is hoping to win dance competitions or just wants to take their dance skills to the next level, the key to becoming an accomplished dancer is to master new moves quickly. Here are six tips good dancers use to learn choreography faster.

Practice At Home

The time you spend learning in dance class may just not be enough. Sometimes dancers need more practice to master choreography. The best way to engrain new choreography in your mind and muscles is to go over the steps right after class. If a particular movement is extra challenging for you, spend the most time on that movement.

Dance In Front of a Mirror

While you are learning new choreography, make the mirror your new best friend. Analyze your posture and movements to make sure you’re getting them just right. Then, with repetition, it will become muscle memory. Soon you will be able to ditch the mirror and rock that new choreography.

Listen to the Music and Visualize the Movements

When you can’t physically practice the movements, you can visualize them in your head. So on that long drive to the beach for your family vacation, or while you are waiting in the dentist’s office for your six-month checkup, you can listen to the music and visualize. Play the song on your Airpods, close your eyes, and envision the steps that go with each 8-count of the music. This will help you master the sequencing, which is critical to avoiding mistakes on stage.

Analyze Videos of Yourself Dancing

Set up your phone or ask a friend to record you practicing a dance. Watching yourself from a different perspective can help you see where you are making mistakes and where you can improve. 

Learn More Than One Style of Dance

It might sound counterintuitive but learning another style of dance may just be the ticket to success! A well-rounded dancer tries multiple styles of dance, which complement each other in surprising ways. The poise and flexibility gained in ballet can translate perfectly to contemporary/lyrical dance, and the rhythm and precision of tap can help hip-hop dancers.


As you know dancers are a combination of an artist and an athlete! You need strength, flexibility and endurance to succeed on the dance floor, so make strength training and conditioning a priority. You can join a gym or do workouts at home. Yoga and pilates are both exercises that focus on core strength and flexibility. Lifting weights is great for toning and building muscle. The better in shape you are, the better you will be able to handle those movements and choreography!

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