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5 Tips To Manage Stage Fright

Relieving Stress and Facing Fears In the World of Dance

Stage fright is extremely common among dancers. It can be a huge obstacle for a child to overcome. This is especially upsetting if a child has worked hard on a routine and is too nervous to do the performance. To help, we have created 5 Tips on how your dancer can manage stage fright.

Practice Is Everything

If you practice a routine over and over, your body will start to feel the movements before you even have time to think about them. The more comfortable you are with the routine, the easier it will be for you to perform it on stage. Feeling confident about the routine will help boost your confidence about going on stage!

Talk With Your Fellow Dancers – Pep Talk!

Chances are you may not be the only dancer that is nervous to perform. Talk to your fellow dancers before the performance! This talk can be an inspiring and supportive talk for the group. Remember, you are not alone, your friends are there with you – every “step” of the way!

Arrive Early to the Stage Before You Perform

The actual performance or recital should not be the very first time you have stepped into the auditorium. Having a rehearsal on stage can be very beneficial for dancers. This will help you get a feel for the space and the room, and work out any nerves. If for some reason you are not able to practice on the stage ahead of time, it can still be helpful to arrive early to get completely acclimated to the auditorium —take a seat or stand somewhere in the performance space and get comfortable. It may be worth your time to take a few calming breaths to prepare for your performance and visualize your routine.

Do Not Look Directly at the Audience

During the performance, it will be best not to look directly at the audience. Pick a focal point that is just above the audience but not too high. This way your focus stays lifted and direct verses looking in someone’s face. Keeping your eyes on that focal point throughout your performance and not looking directly at the audience will be less nerve-wracking. If that still doesn’t calm the nerves, remember that the auditorium is usually rather dark during a performance and it is very hard to actually see the audience when completing your routine. Performance lights + Dark Auditorium = The Perfect Conditions to not see the audience.

Have Fun

You have been working so hard learning the routine and practicing, and it is important to enjoy yourself on your special day. Take a deep breath before you begin and remember that you are doing something that you love. Sometimes remembering “our why” helps us overcome fear.

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