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Things to know about
Please read the following information to help you better understand our online registration. The link at the bottom will lead you to the registration screen.

**If you are registering for On-Site Daycare Classes, this page does not apply to you. Please click here.**

Online Pre-Registration is only the first step on registering. It ensures you that your child will have a spot in class. You will be asked to complete your paperwork at our In-House Registration this summer.

Upon registration, you have two options for tuition payments. You may choose from the following two options:

1. Monthly Automatic Bank Draft
2. Pay the Year in FUll (DISCOUNTS APPLY!)
Note: For more information regarding these payment plans, please see our Policies Handbook.

You will be asked for a credit card number. If you choose the Monthly Draft, your credit card will be charged for the annual registration fee & your first month’s tuition. The bank draft starts with the second month’s tuition. If you choose to Pay the Year In Full, your card will be charged for the annual registration fee, and your full year’s tuition (minus a 5% discount!).

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your online pre-registration. This email will have further information regarding your registration.

Your credit card will be kept on file, but will NOT be allowed as a method of paying monthly tuition. However, we do ask that, if possible, your credit card number be linked to a different account from your automatic draft account in case of insufficient funds.

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